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Gimme Back my Mast! (Calico Skies Sailing, Ep 70)

It’s a big day…after nearly a month of being without a mast it is being re-stepped! We took it down for inspection after the rig failed off Cape Hatteras and while it was down we added an exit point for a second spinnaker halyard and replaced/upgraded our roller furler to a beefier ocean-grade model.

In this episode we try to give you an idea of what our lives are like when not actively traveling. We get a lot of questions about what occupies our time when not sailing and why we are so busy. We take you behind the scenes during the days of preparation that lead up to the fun of cruising. After our experience in the Ragged’s during a pandemic, Grace will never let a food storage space go unused 🙃. It takes quite the effort to get a month’s worth of provisions stored away on a thirty six foot boat.

Annapolis was super fun, super hard, and super busy. But when you’re preparing for the next adventure, you’re in the ‘dreaming phase’ and sometimes that’s half the fun of cruising!

0:00 Intro
0:58 Recap
1:16 Rig work; adding a spare spinnaker halyard
2:25 Moving back on Calico Skies!
5:20 Putting our boat back together
11:02 Swapping our chain
11:13 Restepping the mast

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