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The cost of cruising compared – Part 1: a 32ft Ketch MacWester Wight from 1974

The number one question that we get asked is “how much does it cost the sail the World?”. The same way that living in a house or an apartment, the cost of cruising depends on many factors, which of one major: the very boat that you sail.

In this 3 parts mini series, we answer the question β€œHow much does it cost to cruise” on different boats, because different boats = different sailing budgets.

Generally speaking, you could divide the cost of cruising into 2 categories: The expenses related to owning and sailing the boat full time, and the living expenses. In these videos, we will solely focus on the expenses related to the boat.

We will compare the cost of ownership and the cost of cruising a McWester Wight 32ft Ketch from 1974, our Beneteau Oceanis 40 from 2007 and an Amel 54 from 2007.

In this first video, we take a closer look at Marky Warren’s boat, a 32 foot MacWester Wight Mk2 from 1974 named Roamer.

Before diving in the costs, Marky Warren gives us a boat tour of his sailboat, tells us about the level of comfort she offers and how it is to live and sail her full time.

We then dive in the market value of the MacWester Witght 32 ft ketches, the annual cost of maintenance, the monthly marina budget and fuel as well as the cost of insurance.

Hope you find it helpful!

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