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The Largest SuperYachts @ eSysman’s 2020 Monaco Yacht Show

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Welcome to the 2020 Monaco Yacht Show! I know what you’re thinking… Wasn’t that Yacht Show cancelled? And you’d be right on that one. But I decided that I wasn’t going to let a little thing like the cancellation of the entire show stop me from putting out some quality coverage of that cancelled show!

So please find the eSysman 2020 Monaco Yacht Show, a mantage of the best bits of previous yacht shows and some new footage to mix in there to make it seem like the show actually happened!

There’s also a tour of the 49 metre SuperYacht Flying Dagger included!


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My 2020 list of equipment currently in my camera bag:

Camera Bag
LowePro AW II ProTactic 450 (Version 2 as my version no longer sold)
Cameras I use
Canon EOS R
GoPro 7 Black

Canon 16-35 2.8 USM EF Lens
Canon 24-105 RF 2.8 L Series Lens
Canon Adapter EF-EOS R with Circular Polarizing Filter Drop-in Filter Mount

Mavic 2 Zoom

Rode VideoMic Pro
Wired Lavalier Mic
Rode Wireless Go Microphone
Rode VideoMic Pro+ (Recommended More expensive but better!)

Other Equipment:
JOBY GorillaPod 5K Kit
Polar Pro ND Filter Set Mavic 2 Zoom
Hoya Variable ND Filter 77mm (Make sure to buy correct diameter for lens)
Aputure Amaran AL-M9 Mini LED Light
Think Tank Photo Pixel Pocket Rocket Memory Card Case
Think Tank Photo Cable Management 10 V2.0 Camera Bag and Case Pouch

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