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Through the Reefs in the Bahamas

Explore shallow reef-strewn waters of the Bahamas. We run up on the beach in the far-out Bahamian Islands.

Travelling the Far-Out Islands of the Bahamas there are often no other boats around for days. This trip was in the late spring, and we visited islands where very few boats travel. Our boat is very shallow with a swinging keel – our draft is just 3 feet with the keel up. Using the Explorer charts for the Bahamas we visited the Crooked and Acklins group, then sailed on to the Exumas.

Check out our boat here… http://www.distantshores.ca/about-us/the-boats/southerly-42/

All 130 half hour episodes of the Distant Shores TV show are also available on DVD and download at:

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