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CROSS COUNTRY ROAD TRIP / VAN LIFE (Somewhat) Family Travel 2021

We are on a cross country road trip from Vegas to Florida! We are imagining what van life would be like- we are in a minivan, so it’s definitely more snug than an actual van and a lot tighter than our RV.
Van life has a bunch of perks opposed to an RV, you can pretty much take a van to remote locations where an RV cannot. It truly is an outdoor lifestyle, you can cook outside, live outside, pretty much everything you do is outside which really makes you embrace nature. We hit the road from Las Vegas to start our new adventure in Florida. We are on the hunt for a sailboat catamaran, we will eventually be living on a boat to explore more of this beautiful world. In this video we make a few stops in different states and try to have fun wherever we go. Since the US is still kind of on lockdown it was pretty empty everywhere we went. It was kind of crazy to stay in hotels that had maybe 2 other rooms occupied besides ours. STRANGE! We did swing by Galveston to surprise our friends @The Mom Trotter . We met their family a few months ago when our sons became friends in an RV park. Once all of us parents met we instantly became buds too! This travel life certainly does give you many opportunities to meet great people on the journey. I know we have made life long friends after even spending a week with other families. Another surprise that

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We are a full-time traveling family that documents our adventures through a Vlog series to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Our goal with our Travel Vlogs on youtube is to show other families that you can follow your ❤️, live your dreams and enjoy your family while you are all together.

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