Mega Yacht

Inside Bill Gates’ $644 Million Hydrogen Powered Mega Yacht

Inside Bill Gates’ $644 Million Hydrogen Powered Mega Yacht

The World’s Most Expensive Yacht –

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a man who doesn’t need an introduction; he is the second wealthiest man on the planet with a staggering net worth of 114 billion dollars. The value on his head extends him to the luxury of buying anything he wishes to have. Today, we will have a preview of the newly unveiled 644-million-dollar mega yacht that he allegedly commissioned. Let’s get it on.

During the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, one of the most futuristic architectural marvels was unveiled, The Aqua, 376-foot long hydrogen-powered superyacht that will reign the high seas once its construction is completed. Designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture in conjunction with Lateral Naval Architects, this boat is what we can call extra-luxurious. The sheer imagination behind this boat’s concept is goosebumps-evoking, no man wouldn’t wish to have a ride in The Aqua, but clearly, only a pinch of the millions of men and women will have the elite privilege to step foot inside it.

Inside Bill Gates’ $644 Million Hydrogen Powered Mega Yacht

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