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Paxos Antipaxos Islands Boat Cruise, Greece 4K UHD

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Paxos Antipaxos Islands Boat Cruise, Greece 4K UHD
Filmed by drone and 4K resolution camera in Paxos (Paxoi) and Antipaxos (Antipaxoi) islands, Ionian Sea, Greece, two of the very popular summer destinations and close to Corfu island.
In this video you can see 4K drone views of beautiful Voutoumi beach, Antipaxos island and Blue Caves (marine caves) and Gaios harbour, Paxos island.
You can discover these jewels of the Ionian Sea on a day boat cruise from Corfu and Lefkimi ports to the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.
Locations are as follow:
0:00 – 01:51 Paxos – Blue Caves
01:51 – 03:24 Antipaxos – Voutoumi Beach and Bay
03:24 – 03:45 Paxos – Panagia Island
03:45 – 09:01 Paxos – Gaios harbor
Aurora by Sappheiros

Reaching Out by Sappheiros

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