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What makes a GREAT Bluewater Sailboat? – With John Kretschmer

This is part two of a a mammoth interview i did with the great John Kretschmer wherein we discuss al things Bluewater sailing for both Mono-hulls and Catamarans.

If you would like to see more of John he is currently offering a webinar training series covering a vast range of Bluewater topics
you can find more information on those at ;

Time stamps
01:25 What would you put on a billboard?
03:02 Do you think ‘Bluewater’ is a subjective term?
04:36 Key criteria for your idea of a Bluewater boat
04:48 Walk through tour of Quetzal
19:00 design trumps construction
19:23 Tracking explained
20:33 how do you know if a boat is going to track well?
21:30 Thoughts on twin rudders?
22:37 Take the hell out of the boat
23:50 Passage making mentality
24:30 thoughts on reefing
25:40 Not all Knots are created equal
26:50 The single most important item
27:20 Weight of Dacron?
29:17 The most important thing to learn as a Bluewater sailor
30:28 How to improve your reefing performance
31:20 Bluewater sailing and Cats?
34:24 Can you heave to in a cat?

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