Sailing Yacht

MEET THE CREW – This is our story, official SV introduction! Sailing Black Pearl (S1E7)

We’ve been promising this video for a long time, and here it is . . . the story of us!

Everyone has a unique story, but we like to think we are special 🙂
Learn a little about us, our backgrounds, and where we come from. Sometimes we don’t even understand how we got here, but knowing a little of the backstory definitely helps!

As self proclaimed ‘Adventure-Extraordinaires’, the crew of Sailing Black Pearl has some serious credentials in living off the beaten path. Amanda and John’s newest adventure, however, is quite the undertaking.

Follow along on this young couple’s crazy journey as they refit an old wooden catamaran from 1962 in a flurry of firsts. Having little repair experience, zero sail experience, and no assets to liquidate, this story is bound to have many twists and turns.

What possessed these lunatics to buy a sinking boat?!
Tune in to find out!

Sand, sun, and rum.
– Amanda and John



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