Sailing Yacht

WE CUT 17 HOLES IN OUR BOAT!! Most would have called it destroyed, but we are all patched up. (S1E6)

After missing a week of film, and a flurry of confusion around termites, WE ARE BACK ON TRACK!

No, our boat is not destroyed, but we did cut some big holes in her to replace damaged areas.

To date, we have patched 16/17 holes (just cut out our last one !!), have sanded more than 75% of the paint off, named our boat, and planned out the remaining work to accomplish while on the hard!

While most of the work we’ve been doing has been covered, we try to focus on some of the other areas of interest this week. After months of contemplating names, we finally chose to rename Mahi Mahi to Black Pearl and to rename our channel “Sailing Black Pearl”. Part of the time we would have spend editing video went towards designing a new logo for our channel.

There are few comments about the logo, but the backstories and symbolism will be explained next week on our “Meet the Crew” episode!

Other topics include the follow up on the Flour / Epoxy Peanut Butter mix, talk about our paint plans, and a progress shot of the boat.

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