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Inside Jeff Bezos' $400 Million Superyacht | Flying Fox Yacht

Inside Flying Fox Yacht Of Jeff Bezos 2021! There’s nothing more exciting than having someone pamper you at hand and foot. It’s even better when it’s on Jeff Bezos’ superyacht, The Flying Fox! It’s the superyacht with more things to do on it than anyone could imagine! Think of The Flying Fox as a luxury hotel but on the water!

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It’s the fantasy vessel that everyone wants to have to cruise across the tranquil essence of the sea! The Flying Fox, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, is the 14th largest yacht in the world! It has a luxurious contemporary interior design! The Flying Fox may be a large vessel, but with its use of wood and warm tones with pops of blue, it’s sure to make the owner and the guest feel cozy and right at home! Taking you to the triumphant blue waters, we bring you “Inside Jeff Bezos’ $400 Million SuperYacht | Flying Fox Yacht.”

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