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Alya – Galapagos Islands

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Somewhere in between the Pacific Ocean, laying over 600 miles off the beaches of Ecuador in South America, you can find one of the most wonderful and pristine places on the face of the Earth; The Galapagos Islands

A natural haven worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

This archipelago has been home to some endemic species for millions of year, many of which are a result of evolution, others came floating from the mainland, and a few, like the giant tortoises, still remain a mystery of how they arrived.


For all these reasons the Galapagos Islands are rightly famous but one further reason is that because of the lack of natural predators due to the volcanic origin of the islands and their remoteness, the animals are extremely tame and without instinctual fear.

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You can literally sit down next to a sea lion on a beach or pose for a photo next to an iguana and the animals will not budge.


There are extremely few places in the world where you can get so close to the animals which in turn leads to amazing photo opportunities. Stunning landscapes, obliging animals and azure seas in the background mean that the Galapagos is also a world-class destination for photography.


So what would be the most memorable experiences in the Galapagos? What will you see that will stay with you forever?


Perhaps it will be snorkeling with curious sea lions, perhaps it will be the extraordinary quantity of wildlife at every turn, the mixture of a luxury yacht cruise and continual wildlife sightings, maybe seeing giant tortoises in the misty Santa Cruz highlands or laughing at the absurd mating rituals of the albatrosses and blue-footed boobies or perhaps just seeing your children fully engaged – for once – in the engrossing experience known as a Galapagos Cruise.
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Whatever you see in the Galapagos that turns out to be the most memorable for you and your family we at Galapagos Travel Center are convinced that by the end of your trip you’ll know very well why you traveled to the Galapagos and you’ll become one more Galapagos ‘fan’ telling your friends and family what the Galapagos are famous for.

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