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Navigare Webinar: Boat ownership in charter explained

Navigare Ownership Programs Explained: how to buy your yacht, place in our charter fleet and reduce your cost of ownership.

Join the Yacht Sales Team from Navigare Yachting USA as we explain the different yacht ownership programs available in our charter fleet.

– The COMPLETE program with fixed, guaranteed income for up to 7 years. One of the most aggressive returns in the industry!
– The ULTIMATE program with variable returns, compatible with the tax planning available for active business owners.
– The SMART and SMART HOLIDAY programs for buyers who don’t intend to finance their purchase and want to see the charter revenue pay for about half of their yacht over 7 years.

All of our programs are backed by the best and most transparent yacht maintenance in the industry, and offer the benefits of the Navigare Holiday Program — with generous reciprocity sailing and access to “land holidays”. The best way to plan your future getaways!

We answer questions about how to decide where to place your yacht, what type of boat will yield the best return, how to maximize your ROI, and what benefits you’ll receive from joining the Navigare Yachting family.

To read more about our programs:

Contact us for more questions: https://navigare-yachting.com/en/yacht-sales/contact

To read more about active ownership and tax planning: https://navigare-yachting.com/en/yacht-sales/yacht-investment/tax-strategies-for-yacht-buyers


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