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SolidWorks Yacht Course

Dear SolidWorker,

Do you want to become a SOLIDWORKS Pro but have still not found the fastest way to become one? Then keep reading, because this page could change your career forever.

First, let me ask you a couple questions:

• Have you ever tried to draw a product in SOLIDWORKS but never finished simply because you did not know how to proceed?

• Have you ever been frustrated because you are unable to draw the shapes that you want in SOLIDWORKS?

• Have you ever had the ambition to create amazing products in SOLIDWORKS but felt lost because you did not have a SOLIDWORKS mentor to ask for help and guidance?

Sounds familiar? Keep reading if the answer to even one of these questions is YES…

n case we haven’t yet met; my name is Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn, but most people call me Jan. I’m living in the Netherlands and I am the founder of and I work as a designer in the Netherlands.

I have designed all kinds of products Author Jan-Willem Zuyderduynover the last few years and I worked on the design of multiple vans for i.e. Renault and Mercedes-Benz. I also worked on the design of a caravan, a bike and 2 superyachts. I designed and modeled all these products in SOLIDWORKS.

A couple of years ago I decided to share my modeling techniques on my blog, where I currently teach hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic SolidWorkers everything they need to know about SOLIDWORKS in a practical way.

If you have already looked for some SOLIDWORKS tutorials on the web there is a good chance that you have seen some of my SOLIDWORKS eBooks or videos.

There Was A Time When It Was All Different…

But there was a time when it was all different… In 1999, I was a very enthusiastic SOLIDWORKS student. I had great plans and I wanted to design all kinds of cool products like cars, yachts, and planes in SOLIDWORKS. On one day I decided to model an organic stapler in SOLIDWORKS.

But this was a total failure, because I did not know how to bring the shapes I had in my mind to the screen. I started with all kinds of design projects but never finished, simply because I didn’t know how to proceed.

I think that you know exactly how that feels….

So I searched all over the internet for help, but there were no good SOLIDWORKS tutorials available… anywhere. This really frustrated me because every tutorial out there was very boring and theoretical and only showed me how to learn every feature of SOLIDWORKS.

But none of them were showing me how to model an entire product from scratch in a practical way…

Uncover The Most Effective Way To Master SOLIDWORKS

Like I already said, there are tons of SOLIDWORKS books, coaches and training programs on the market that can show you how to use every single feature in SOLIDWORKS.

This traditional method of instruction can show you all of the tools within SOLIDWORKS, but there is still one major problem: it is all based on a theoretical approach.

In order to make full use of the potential of SOLIDWORKS you must understand the way of applying these features while actually modeling a product.

That’s why I decided I wanted to help people to learn SOLIDWORKS in an efficient and practical way. Not by explaining all the features of SOLIDWORKS but by showing you exactly how to model a cool product from scratch.

However, before I reveal my learning method, I would like to explain what these excellent modeling skills have done for my career.

How I Went From €6 To €120 Per Hour Thanks To My Modeling Skills…

When I was a student, I was looking for a holiday job in the design industry to get more experience as a designer.

But this wasn’t easy. Because almost every design and engineering company required excellent 3D modeling skills. But my 3D modeling skills were very limited at that time.

So I realized I needed to change something in order to find the job of my dreams.

On one day I got the chance to get a holiday job on the engineering department of a camera crane company. They offered me a job for €6/hour to model their entire tool library in 3D.

So in order to become a better 3D modeler I decided to take up the challenge. Although this was certainly not the job I was dreaming of, it was a great way to develop my 3D modeling skills during the vacations while getting paid for it!

In the next few years, during my vacations, I modeled over 1000 components in 3D like custom bolts, screws, PCB’s, connectors and much more. After a year it became more interesting and they also asked me to model more complex products like television cameras, camera rigs and much more.

Long story short; eventually it cost me 10 years to learn everything about SOLIDWORKS that I know now…


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