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#116 BROKEN ARM and the BLACK PEARL | Sailing SISU Leopard 45 CATAMARAN

Valletta is such a gem of place, wish we had more time to explore. St Johns Cathedral must be one of the most exquisite cathedrals we have ever visited. And then Petro broke her arm, like in real bad . . . stupid mistake of wearing shoes inside the dinghy . . .

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We purchased a Leopard 45 Catamaran to sail around the world and now we are going through the preparations of getting her kitted out for our needs. We want to visit off the beaten tack places and need to prepare for ice bergs, storms, heavy seas, as well as nice tranquil tropical waters…

Follow us on our journey as we learn from legends when Sailing La Vagabonde upgraded from a monohull to a catamaran…SV Delos wants to upgrade to the latest Amel 51 monohull….Gone with the Wynns chose a Leopard Catamaran….choices choices choices. We looked at other sailing channels such as Wicked Salty, Satori, Jessica and Ryan, Catamaran Impi, MJ Sailing, Happy Together, Sailing Uma, Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose, Zingaro, Miss Lone Star, Sailing Doodles, Drenched, Lucky Fish gets Away, RAN Sailing, Out Chasing Star, Follow the Boat, Rigging Doctor, Sailing Lady Africa, Abandon Comfort, and many others to find our answers and solutions, whilst we prepared our yacht in Cape Town, South Africa.



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