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How Much Money Do Yacht Crew Make AND I Reveal My Yacht Crew Salary For My Entire Super Yacht Career

Money, money, money! One of the biggest attractions to new yacht crew entering the super yacht industry. We’ve all heard the stories, but how much money do yacht crew make in reality? Furthermore, do yacht crew get paid every month of the year, or is it only when there are guests on board?

During my super yacht career I’ve had experience working on private yachts and charter yachts across a broad range of roles, from deckhand to first officer. My average earnings should therefore be fairly representative of the sort of yacht crew salary you can expect to receive. So, what do crew earn? It starts from around EUR 2500 per month (every month of the year), and goes up from there!

Working on yachts and superyachts isn’t easy, but as I explain in this video the rewards can be huge if you start off prepared, and with a vision of what you want to achieve during your mega yacht career. Life as a crew member on a yacht will challenge you in so many ways, but with a plan for the future you’ll have the focus and determination to see it through and make the most of the opportunity.

Maybe you’ll decide that working on charter yachts is best for you, in which case you have the potential to make some exceptionally good yacht crew tips. Or, maybe a private yacht will suit you better, giving you the chance to build a really good working relationship with an owner who may in time increase your super yacht crew salary to levels you never thought possible.

Whether you’re interested in working on deck; the interior; the galley; or, the engineering department; I look forward to helping you make the most of your super yacht crew pay, and achieving your maximum financial potential!

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