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The Dove: Privately Crewed Charter Yacht Sailing in the Caribbean

A keen underwater photographer & filmmaker for National Geographic crewed yacht charter Capt. Larry Tyler has an amazing life story: Inspired by the film “Dove”, he set off in his 35′ sailing boat to explore the South China Seas & the Indian Ocean using a sextant & chronometer as the only means of navigation. Logging all these sea miles gave him ample time to design the boat of his dreams, and so THE DOVE of 54′ was born. As your host aboard THE DOVE, he is delighted to share his intimate knowledge of whatever cruising area you choose and to ensure you have the best vacation ever.
~First Mate and Assistant ChefJustyna Kramer joined THE DOVE in 2010, crossing the Atlantic from the Azores to the Caribbean via the Cape Verde Islands. For the past 10 years, she has worked as first mate and assistant chef, sailing up and down the Caribbean island chain from Tobago to the BVI enjoying every minute and every mile logged at sea.

BROCHURE & RATES: https://bit.ly/SailTheDove
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