Luxury Yacht

Travel fast on a slow yacht

Did you know that a slower luxury yacht may actually get you to the destination point of your cruise faster, and in greater comfort, with more memorable stops on your itinerary than a faster yacht?
The secret lies in a combination of strength and speed and a smooth ride:
a Bering full displacement steel hull yacht equipped with a Hysucat hydrofoil supported catamaran.
The strength of steel. The speed of hydrofoils and air tunnels on a catamaran.
An incredibly versatile RIB tender, the Hysucat is fast, smooth, quiet, and comfortable.
Rising up on hydrofoils, this fabulous craft keeps passengers dry while smoothing waves and chop.
It can handle 6-foot seas at 40 knots, sips fuel at 4 nm to the gallon, and can cover 5-6 times the distance of a fast yacht in short order.
You can skip in and out of ports, around islands, or just let off steam with the throttle full out, taking in much more than a fast yachts allows.
You don`t have to take the RIB boat on board, it can be toed even by a small yacht and be your water toy.
The advantages of this combination make it a smart, efficient choice over a fast, primary yacht.
Discover the true luxury of ocean travel, enjoying the best of both the fast and the slow, winning your own race to experience more in less time, in greater luxury.



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