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How Much Would it Cost to Take a Boat from Florida to the Bahamas?

After my previous video I have been curious how much it could cost to boat to the Bahamas from Florida. Boating is expensive in general, but it can’t be that much to rent a boat and then boat to the Bahamas right? Let’s find out in this video.

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The west end of the Bahamas from West Palm beach is a shockingly short 67 miles. So close. If you can cruise in a boat at 30 mph, then you should be able to get there in a little over 2 hours. Obviously, the sea needs to be calmer for this to happen, but a two hour boat trip to end up in the Bahamas sounds amazing. Makes me want to buy a boat big enough for this.
If you want a shorter trip then Miami to South Bimini is a lousy 54 miles. South Bimini looks a bit like this while West Bahamas looks a bit like this. Both would be incredible, but let’s just go with the West End because the island overall is a little big bigger.

Boats don’t get good MPG, that’s decently well known. If you can get a 2MPG with a boat then you are really doing great and there is not very much chop. A lot of times boats actually measure in gallons or pounds of fuel per hour that you burn rather than miles per gallon. It’s a bit difficult to tell MPG when you are traveling across the ocean and there is a current around you. You do get a decent range with a boat though, depending on the size of the boat you could have 1000 miles of range. With a big boat.

A good fishing boat or even a cigarette boat if that suits you. I found a site called, which looks like it has a variety of sizes of boats. I found this 37 foot Boston Whaler, they don’t sink you know, called Changes in Latitude for a whopping $1,125 per day. Honestly, I am not sure how to get a cheaper price for renting a boat that can safely take you across the ocean.

I feel like I need to say you should probably have a boating license and have driven a boat in the ocean before you take a trip like this. If you haven’t then just wait a bit because there is an option for you.

A Boston Whaler 37 Outage has a fuel tank of 425 gallons. That should be able to safely get you to and from the Bahamas for about 80-90 gallons of gas each way. Your total gas usage will be 200 gallons let’s say especially if you cruise around the Bahamas. This will run you about $600 for gas for the trip.

What’s option two you ask? For those that cannot drive or don’t want to pay that much in a day. Apparently Balearia Caribbean has trips from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas for $100 each way. I just plugged these dates in, and it will cost a total of about $219 round trip.

But wait, before you go. There is apparently some drama with taking that cruise. This Bahamas Air Tours has a blog on their website, that I will link down below, just roasting the tour for having bad reviews. They then offer their service to the traveler who wants to get to the Bahamas. Sure, if you get seasick easy, then this might be a good offer.



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