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Man Films His Last Seconds Before The WAVE Hits!


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10 Monster Waves CAUGHT ON CAMERA
Our seas and oceans are unique to various variations of waves. Some are so big and terrifying and I’m not talking about what surfers are used to! These waves look as mortifying as though they want to swallow whatever and whoever is on the water. Here are 10 enormous waves that people were able to record on their cameras.
10. Ravaging waves in The North Sea.

The North Sea is famous for some of the biggest waves ever recorded in history. A video of such terrifying nature surfaced online, posted by a YouTuber called Ken’s. It’s a footage of large waves coming straight for a ship. The person on board got his camera just in time to capture this insane and unforgettable moment. With the tone of his voice, it relieves me because it seems he has the confidence that his ship is able to handle the mightiness of these waves. As a matter of fact, the person recording laughs in excitement when the waves hit the ship so massively, covering the whole ship before it resurfaces. It’s horrifying! Without flinching, he continues recording and describes this experience as awesome! Indeed it’s an awesome encounter for him. As for me, watching that clip is absolutely frightening! I wouldn’t have the nerve to even record it! But we’re glad he did.
9. The Rogue wave on the Bay of Biscay.

The Bay of Biscay is famous for rough storms and violent seas. Despite that, many people enjoy cruising and boat riding in this area for fun while others use it as a passage route. A massive wave was captured on video at this location. This rogue wave starts when the water around you is calm, and all of a sudden the wave appears and starts fighting with your ship! That’s a pretty terrifying experience. Two men onboard a ship had their cameras on, just in time to capture this wave. They were on an oil/chemical tanker- Pink Coral in February of 2014. Their ship was sailing to Rotterdam when a huge rogue wave met them on the way and attacked the beam of their ship. From the video, we see the ship rolling in the direction of the wave. The waves are so strong that they try immersing the beam of the ship in the sea! It just shows how powerful these waves are! The waves are trying with their might to tilt the tanker ship but in vain!
8. Oil rig in the North Sea.

Oil rigs are important platforms for oil exploration all over the world. In the North Sea, there are a number of oil rigs, some of which go through the rough beatings of mother nature. A video filmed by an offshore worker in a nearby platform captured this stomach crunching on sea moment. An oil rig was being subjected to monstrous waves that were smashing against it. This was caused by a terrible storm and bad weather happening on the coast of Scotland. This disorienting footage clearly shows the countless big waves hitting the oil rig as it manages to stay put. Oil rig workers have a strong heart for their jobs. They’re worth the money and should probably be paid more. They work in this significant industry knowing they’ll be dealing with extreme weather conditions. Such a video is a true testament to effective and brilliant engineering that oil rigs can withstand during such massive weather conditions.
7. A Boat over a Tsunami wave.

11th of March 2011 was an awful day in Northern Japan History. An earthquake of a magnitude of 9.0 was felt all over the area causing horrendous destruction. Thereafter, tsunami warnings ensued and people knew they had to run to higher, and safer grounds. Several distraught videos of the wreckage of property and their city being swept away by the tsunami water resurfaced and it was disheartening. On the same day there was a Video footage of a Japanese coast guard ship tackling a tsunami wave on shallow water. A huge wave was looming on the horizon and their ship safely soared through the scary wave. The crew was powerless to do anything but they kept hoping that their ship wouldn’t be overturned so that they could get to dock safely. Mother nature can be really brutal and we are grateful when we face such powerful waves and come out alive!

Rough waves and violent waters are terrifying when we are left helpless. But being able to come out of a bad storm alive is Phenomenal. Let’s continue with more of these unbelievable waves!
6. Cruise ship versus the Waves!

When choosing a destination spot for the holiday, some people love the idea of a cruise ship. Cruise ships are meant to be vacation friendly. People on board usually relax, grab a couple of drinks, and so many other activities on board!. Coming up to dangerous sea waves is not what people signed up for, but sometimes nature does its thing.



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