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The $1.5 Billion Luxury Yacht (ECLIPSE)


Have you ever thought of a Yacht which costs $1.5 Billion? You Maybe wondering what it might contain inside it? Well it has everything you can thing of living a luxury life, from the disco to the helipads, gyms and Wifi. It is full of plenty of swimming pool and many jacuzzis. Also, it has a $300 Million submarine for ultimate fun in deep sea valleys. The Yacht is also known for It’s World class security so that no pirate can ever think of attacking it! This Yacht is only own by a single owner from all over the world! Now you may consider it as an ultra luxury Yacht. Luckily We’ve been given a chance to have a tour of the great Yacht let’s begin!

The 162.5m-long beauty, Eclipse, is the world’s second largest and one of the most expensive superyachts. With an estimated cost of $1.5 billion, the Eclipse has been owned by its current owner since December 2010. A synonym for luxury, this superyacht is best suitable for all adventure and water sports activities in addition to providing splendid trips to cultural and historical destinations.

With all facilities incorporated, the maintenance of the Eclipse is not a less expensive matter. An annual expense of over $60 million is reportedly required to maintain this luxury boat. According to media reports, Abramovich charges around £175,000 from its customers to rent the vessel for a day.

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