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Announcing Tesla Yacht: Everything We Know

Here is everything we know about the upcoming Tesla Electric Yacht! Elon Musk is working on an electric yacht and is announcing it soon! The Yacht word starts with Y so it can be called the Model Y Yacht but the question is if it will be even under Tesla. Elon Musk is definitely thinking if he should start a new company for sea cruise alone. He already conquered on-road transportation with Tesla and space travel with SpaceX but what about sea exploration and cruise? Well, Elon and his team are working on something huge. An electric boat that will be probably a yacht and will be extremely powerful while working with sustainable energy and completely fuel-less. This yacht is all-electric equipped with solar panels so you can charge your Tesla Yacht while cruising the ocean. This electric ship will be powered by batteries which will be charged mainly via solar panels and hydro energy. The main reason is to bring sustainable transportation to sea cruise as well. The announcement of the Tesla yacht where Elon Musk introduces the yacht is coming soon and in today’s video, we will show you everything we know with all leaks about the Tesla Yacht and Tesla sea exploration.

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