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Yacht Charter Caribbean Antigua & Barbuda

These sister islands are superyacht and yacht destination dreams. Perfect for porting, this flat island is largely uninhabited and offers the quintessential Caribbean experience. There’s so many reasons to smile in Antigua and Barbuda and just one of them is the incredible local-made Rum.
St. John’s is the capital so be sure to make a stop. Here you’ll find a distinctly original accent which is unique to Antigua and Barbuda. The english accent amid sandy beaches, with corrugated coasts that host hundreds of beautiful bays, create the perfect contrasted tone for an original holiday experience. Find the candy-coloured villages and make time for photography – this will be a trip you don’t want to forget. It’s so scenic you won’t want to go home.

Things To Do in Antigua and Barbuda
Eat Fresh: dig into tasty local seafood and rum while sitting on the beach at sunset!



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