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#134 SAILING is SO FRIGGEN BORING when you DON'T HAVE SAILS | Sailing Sisu Leopard 45 Catamaran Vlog

OK so we were “sailing” without sails for a while there, but thank goodness for the excellent and quick work of Northern Sails in Valencia, it was short lived. They not only repaired our Genoa, but also serviced and repaired our Main, great job guys!!

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We purchased a Leopard 45 Catamaran to sail around the world. Our channel documents our thought and decision making processes with regards to the preparations of getting her kitted out for our needs. We want to visit off the beaten track places and need to prepare for ice bergs, storms, heavy seas, as well as nice tranquil tropical waters… Follow us on our journey, of which we’ve done more than 20 000 miles already. Our wish is that you may hopefully live vicariously through our adventures, or take some valuable information with you that might assist you in your endeavors some day.



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