Yacht Vacations

A Caribbean Sailing Trip – Peter Kleine Schaars

De Haske Peter’s Compact Collection Grade 3,5 – Duration: 02:30


With this composition in a rumba style, Peter Kleine Schaars invites us to enjoy a relaxed sailing trip in the waters of the Caribbean. The feeling of freedom on the boat is mirrored by an extensive melody surrounded by a palette of colourful harmonies – the shades of the water – while the clever percussion sets the course of the ship. Who wouldn’t dream of such an adventure? Although the musical themes and accompaniments have been constructed from combinations of rhythmic cells that occur less often, the composition sounds very natural and flowing. Assuming the rhythmic cells 1 to 8 are part of the basic skills of your band, in this composition, the accent rather lies on cells 9 to 13. The instrumentation is created in such a way that these ‘new cells’ occur in all parts, so that all musicians of the band become familiar with this rhythmic development.

DHP 1216331-015


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