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Octopus Yacht: What’s So Bad In Lurssen Mega Yacht?

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Octopus yacht was built in 2003. When you see the yacht in a dock, you may think it’s kind of a cruise ship, but actually it has always been a privately owned vessel formerly controlled by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, and now by his sister, Jody Allen.

The Octopus yacht has seen the whole world and has been in so many places that we’ll need to make a separate video to tell you about its adventures. But today we’ll try to look at the main features of the yacht and find its main problems that must have been found during nearly 20 years of use.

Octopus yacht is 126 meters or 414 feet long. It sits in the 21st place among the longest motor yachts in the world. At the time of launch there were just 2 or 4 boats that could compete in size with this Lurssen’s masterpiece. It cost $200 million back in 2003, that would make around $300 million in today’s money.

Now Octopus is available for sale, and the owner wants around $275 million for the boat. Want to get updated on our new videos? Subscribe to the channel:

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