Luxury Yacht

Living On An Old Yacht For $500 A Month, My Tiny Home Boat Tour After 4 Years Van Life Truck Camping

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Hello my friend! Today I want to show you around this tiny home on the water! I’ve always wanted to spend more time on the ocean and what better way than to do it on an old yacht. I’ve been searching and saving for a really long time and I came across this boat for sale. The owner really needed to get it off his hands as he’d already purchased a sail boat. The boat’s older than I am and certainly needs some work so there’s lots of projects ahead of me as well as fishing and exploring to do! I’m hoping to bring some friends along and do some group expeditions. I’m still going to be living and traveling in my truck camper as the forest will always be my home. My main goal is to get more comfortable navigating on the water so that I can learn to sail and explore remote islands around the world.

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