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Queens Among Sailboats: NGONI, Atlantic, And Georgia

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Sailing is extremely popular among rich people. It can be a sport or just a way to spend your free time. Today we are going to tell you about 3 sailboats or better say sailing yachts that are one of the most expensive sailing vehicles in the world. And, to our own opinion, they are the most beautiful, too.

Sailing gives the sense of freedom, because a sailboat is powered by wind, it’s brought into movement by nature powers and that’s amazing. Yes, nearly all luxurious sailboats are equipped with motors, but it’s kind of a matter of honor for every owner to sail as much as possible without turning on the engine. These boats require skills and experience, they may be extremely expensive for those who never used a wing to swim. But still, these vessels are very popular, expensive and exquisite.

We are going to talk about three of the most interesting sailing yachts. These are NGONI, Atlantic and Georgia. These boats are all luxurious and huge, they are built by well-known shipyards and they are made to last. But we want to know more about these unique and unusual boats, so let’s dive in.
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