The Untold Truth Of Below Deck

The Untold Truth Of Below Deck

If you want all the fun of going on a yacht without actually going on a yacht, you … should probably watch something else. Bravo’s reality show, Below Deck, does take place on a luxury yacht, but it shows the hard work that the crew puts in to make luxury vacations so luxurious. As with any Bravo reality series, you’ll see endless drama, constant stress, and obnoxious rich people, but unlike some reality shows where the drama is exaggerated for the cameras, it seems that life at sea may be even more stressful than presented on screen.

Let’s take a look at the untold truth of Bravo’s Below Deck.

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Reality TV makeover | 0:00
Discount vacay | 1:21
The Captain’s quarters | 2:10
The old mob and the sea | 2:45
A Real Housewives crossover? | 3:34
Swiped to the left | 4:40
Jumping ship | 5:58
Are they qualified to do this? | 7:12
Drama fit for reality TV | 8:08

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