7 Reasons to Choose All Inclusive Caribbean Yacht Charters

Considering an all-inclusive Caribbean yacht charter for your next BVI sailing vacation rather than a bare boat? You may want to look at these 7 little known secrets about all inclusive charters….
Captain Paradise lets you in on why an all-Inclusive yacht charter is the ONLY way to go!

iYacht Club is the world’s premiere Caribbean yacht charter booking company. Based in the beautiful Virgin Islands, iYacht Club has the unique advantage of having “flip flops” on the ground to ensure that you receive the highest level of customer service that begins the moment you contact us to book a yacht charter.

Our long history here and our involvement in the yacht charter industry and community allows us a unique perspective on the yachts and crews who operate them – and on the islands and cultures you will be exploring.
Come explore paradise with us! Your most amazing vacation (ever!) starts here!





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