WE LIVE ON A LUXURY SUPER YACHT!!! (Captain’s Vlog 105)

We take you though our living quarters, crew cabins, bathrooms, where we shower, where we sleep and what it’s like being a couple working onboard a luxury super yacht. We talk about the clear ocean pact and what we’re doing to reduce the use of single use plastics onboard.

Giv and I have been together for over 8 years and have worked together for over 7 years onboard luxury yachts. it’s not meant for everybody but somehow we make it work for us. our relationship has grown stronger every year since we met and we’re a great support for each other. Working with your partner can go both ways and in many cases it ends up with couple parting ways.

It’s very important to have a great relationship with the owner of the yacht and to have longevity onboard and to create bonds a friendships within the crew.

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