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Fun and Sun aboard your crewed yacht charter rental

Who is your crew?  Can they really smile all the time? You see your crew polished and on-call 24 hours a day, smiling all the time and full of amazing stories.  But what happens when the crew cabin door closes and who are these EPIC couples. There are so many amazing stories and interesting lives.

Your crew is experienced and well trained and will not disappoint when showing you the charter area’s highlights for the best vacation ever! The Captain has a professional license, and the boat is fully insured. He is responsible for all safety and wellbeing of all onboard. He plans the sailing route and makes sure the yacht is safe at anchor or on the dock. Your Chef is eager to show off the best cuisine and other culinary delights produced in a tiny galley. She plans menus according to special diets or preference. If there are additional crew on larger vessels, the Deckhand will be ready to take you in the tender for water-sports and to go ashore. He will ensure the cleanliness of the common areas. The Stewardess will ensure your cabin looks like it did when you first stepped on board, and together the entire crew is willing to help each other to ensure that you enjoy a well-deserved fun in the sun vacation and a successful trip of a lifetime.

All yachts and crews are recommended by Epic Yacht Charters and hand-selected, and we look forward to working with you to make the right choice when you decide to book.

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