WINDY Sailing in Seychelles | Sailing Florence Ep. 115

The first time we have felt seasick in years. After sailing offshore across an ocean to get here, a quick day sail between islands should have been a walk in the park, but with 30 knots of wind kicking up a rough sea our stomachs were not too happy. The rough sail was worth it though as we tied up in the harbour of the tropical island of La Digue with it’s giant tortoises and lack of cars, a gem of an island to explore.

We have been sailing around the world for over 5 years after setting off from England in 2016 on board our 37ft sail boat Florence. Join us as we share the highs and lows of travelling around the world by boat, Sailing offshore across the Oceans and exploring remote locations with our own little tiny house. Boat life out at sea on the ocean and off the grid.

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