Benetti FB272 Mega Yacht Luminosity – Cutting-Edge Technology

Luminosity has some of the best cutting-edge technology ever seen in the yacht industry equals the most pleasing results. Diesel-electric power, Azipod propulsion, and high-tech battery technology for travel over 8,000 nm at 10 knots reveal a genuine hybrid world cruiser. A floating dream is not over yet. Her ground-breaking spirit is always monitoring the growth of future enhancements and opportunities. The engine room is an extraordinary example of avant-garde technology. An advanced system for the minimum level of vibration and noises. A 3 megawatt/h Lithium Polymer battery bank for 12 hours of power with switched-off generators and no emissions. The Power Management System assures the best use of every ounce of energy.

From an unrivaled audio-video system to a cutting-edge super-fast connection never used before on a yacht of this size and fingerprint recognition systems to access the more private areas.
Preventive measures ensure safety in any situation. From sand filters and retractable stabilizer fins to a medical center with an air sanitation system. So much more than just a practical purpose. Energy and technology bring to life some modern works of art onboard. Over 370 meters of interactive panels show powerful images of nature letting them come alive and the 264 white magnolia flowers on the Main Saloon wall, silently open and close as a person passes through, miming the ever-evolving perfection of Nature.

Beauty in its purest form blends with comfort and onboard needs. Every single detail tells a story. Every creation evokes masterpieces of artists who have left a mark on the history of art. Damien Hirst’s famous colored circles find new expressions on the French limestone floor in the Main Deck Lobby. As for Man Ray, an extraordinary eye-shaped construction at the base of the 18-meter-high stairwell winks at his magnificent work. The hymn to the life of Matisse’s collages inspires the intriguing shapes throughout the yacht’s Main Saloon and Lounge. Among them, a sinuous configuration of hand-forged steel polished to a mirror that encloses a thousand Bohemian crystal bulbs illuminates the main lounge.

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