Inside A Russian Billionaire's $500 Million Mega Yacht

Inside A Russian Billionaire’s $500 Million Mega Yacht or Inside a Russian Billionaire’s Mega Ice Yacht.

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Russia is one country you will find hundreds, if not thousands of filthy rich billionaires. As much as Russians are known to be stern people who don’t condone betrayal, it is essential to note that they spend as much money as they make, which by the way, is a lot. The latest mega yacht was commissioned for Oleg Tinkov, a Russian billionaire with vast interests in the banking industry. Let’s dive into the over-the-sea multi-million life of the Russian billionaire.

Several Russian oligarchs are known to spend their billions in awe-inspiring ways, among them the fun-loving Roman Abramovich and Alisher Usmanov, both who own over-the-top sea monsters and other ridiculously expensive toys. But the latest arrival in the super-ship world was commissioned for banker billionaire Oleg Tinkov. Boldly named La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77, this superyacht is built to explore some of the most remote areas of the globe. Stretching to a breathtaking 252-foot, the ice-breaking vessel will be available for charter, apart from serving its owner anytime he needs it. But don’t get it twisted, chartering La Datcha will cost any willing spender a whopping 846,000 dollars a week! The amount is just a few thousands to a million mark, and it is only fair that the services in the yacht match that particular quotation. Without a doubt, a day spent in this mega yacht will make anyone forget about the cost of hiring it; it is the epitome of sea luxury that one can’t be experienced elsewhere.

Inside A Russian Billionaire’s $500 Million Mega Yacht
Inside a Russian Billionaire’s Mega Ice Yacht.

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