Building my steel sailing yacht Ep.105 MORE beautiful Rosewood laminating!

I ‘break the ice’ in explaining the first moves in making a start with the planned coachroof and side decks LINING and WAIT until you SEE what I will be using, it is BEAUTIFUL! BUT, you have to wait,….
And the ‘main show’ in this episode is making more Beautiful Rosewood laminated tops, this time it’s the Galley tops!

There were many reasons why, but the work stopped,…
However, the work has re-started, thankfully, and I am on an exciting journey to finish Mistress and then go on my sailing adventures,…
I hope that you can join along with me!

Music thanks Creative Minds
Epidemic sound:
Even if the Sky is Falling Down-Candelion
Someone Like Me-Velvet Moon
Hello Ramona-Solar Sun


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