Building my steel sailing yacht Ep.108 TOPCOATING the TOPS + install (pt.2)

There is A LOT going on with getting the saloon, galley tops and nav. sole/floor finished, Fffeeww, some things do not come easily, BUT, with Perseverance I get what I am after!
More nav. desk install too and “little mate” decided to be keeping a close eye on things too 😁🦎

There were many reasons why, but the work stopped,…
However, the work has re-started, thankfully, and I am on an exciting journey to finish Mistress and then go on my sailing adventures,…
I hope that you can join along with me!

Music thanks Creative Minds
Epidemic sound:
Blame it on my youth-Sture Zetterberg
In this Rush-Mike Parr
In this Rush-Johan Glossner


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