Inside Jeff Bezos' New $.5 Billion Mega Yacht Exclusive!

What is Jeff Bezos wasting excessive amounts of money on these days?

As his time as Amazon’s CEO comes to an end, Bezos appears to want to focus on relaxing and possibly doing some charity work — but let’s emphasize the relaxing part.

The world’s richest man is rumored to be buying a 417-foot super-yacht worth an estimated $500 million and equipped with its own “support yacht” and helipad, per Bloomberg’s Devon Pendleton and Brad Stone. The best part? The $500 million price tag doesn’t even include the mini-yacht.

There’s no official definition of a superyacht (versus a regular yacht), but in the industry, the term generally refers to a yacht that is over 74ft long.

Some dispute that definition, saying the term superyachts applies to ships over 200ft long. Some brokers have even taken to the term “Giga yacht” to refer to ships longer than 300ft.

Bezos’ yacht, coming in at over 400ft, is almost as big as the Great Pyramid of Giza (if the vessel was laid out vertically). It’s just under half as long as the Eiffel Tower.

Only a few jumbo superyachts like the Bezos’s vessel are completed each year, but high-profile projects are often done with such secrecy that builders are required to sign non-disclosure agreements.
There are an estimated 553,742 homeless people in America and at least 10.1 million who remain unemployed, but sure, let’s spend money on a mega-yacht instead.

Bezos is worth $200 billion, for starters, so contributing to a society literally would not hurt him in any way. I mean, he can literally afford to purchase an entire country if he wanted to do so.

But nonetheless, let’s get right into this video where we will reveal some of the features of this luxury yacht.

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