Building my steel sailing yacht Ep.72 Showing the BAD 😫 AND the GOOD 👨‍🔧

Well everybody, this episode shows the low point where my cabin-sole panels were spoiled and stopped at the last stage by something that went wrong with the PU top-coating that I had put on. But hey – you can’t expect to have everything smooth, right?! And so I just do more work and figure out the best way to get them back to their former beauty!
I get the starboard water-tank bedded and then provide a lengthy explanation showing how the water-tanks will be permanently fitted and secured!

There were many reasons why, but the work stopped,…
However, the work has re-started, thankfully, and I am on an exciting journey to finish Mistress and then go on my sailing adventures,…
I hope that you can join along with me!

Music thanks Creative Minds
Epidemic sound:
Takin’ Deep Breaths-Mr Kent & Ruby Red
We’re Higher-Frigga


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