Most Lavish Boats You’ll NEVER Set Foot On!

Whether it be the addition of a helipad, theatres, concert halls, multiple swimming pools, saunas, and dance clubs, these boats are not just a mode of transportation, they are a symbol of great wealth and status. Behold, the top 11 most expensive boats you’ll never set foot on.

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11. The Princess Trump

Can you imagine that the yacht of all yachts, claimed at the time of construction to be the “best yacht in the world,” was owned by a man who hated boats? President of the United States Donald Trump once claimed, in reference to anything that floats, “I’m not into them… I’ve been on friends’ boats before and couldn’t wait to get off.”

10. Al Mirqab

Qatar’s former Prime Minister owns this $250 million winner of the Motor Yacht of the Year award in 2009. The yacht named Al Mirqab is made of steel and has a length of 436.35 feet. Enjoying a speed of 37.6 kilometers per hour.

9. Dilbar

Built for Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, Dilbar is worth $256 million and enjoys a speed of up to 42 kilometers per hour. Having a displacement steel hull with an aluminum superstructure, the yacht can host 40 guests.

8. Al Said

Worth $300 million, the yacht named Al Said is rumored to be owned by a member of the royal family of Oman and is reportedly the world’s highest displacement superyacht with a displacement of 15850 tons, and a length of 508.53 feet. 

7. Dubai

For a steady $400 million this extravagant yacht is all yours, rumored to be owned by a member of the royal family of the UAE. Dubai is a 531-foot wonder featuring a mosaic swimming pool, circular staircase, helipad, sunbathing areas and a number of jacuzzis.

6. Motor Yacht A

Reportedly owned by Russian tycoon Andrey Melnichenko, the $440 million luxury Motor Yacht A, is reminiscent of a stealth warship or submarine. It can easily accommodate up to 14 guests with a staff of 42 crew members. 

5. Azzam

The Azzam is worth $600 million and rumored to be owned by a member of the royal family of the UAE. According to its makers, the yacht is by far the most complex and challenging vessel to have ever been made. 

4. Streets of Monaco

Streets of Monaco is a $1.1 billion floating fascination featuring miniatures of the renowned landmarks of Monaco such as the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Ca Rascasse, as well as a beach-like swimming pool

3. Eclipse

Priced at an easy $1.5 billion the Eclipse is the second-largest yacht in the world, owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Besides having an intruder detection system and missile detection system, the yacht features 2 helipads, 24 guest cabins.

2. History Supreme

This $4.8 billion vessel made of solid gold is without a doubt the most expensive yacht in the world and is reportedly owned by Malaysia’s richest man, Robert Knok. It took 3 years for the 100-foot-long yacht, History Supreme, to have been built, using 10,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum.

1. Lady Moura

The lavish Lady Moura is worth $210 million and is owned by Nasser Al Rashid, a billionaire businessman from Saudi Arabia. Built in Germany, the yacht is plated with gold and can accommodate up to 30 guests and 60 crew members.


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