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Published on January 6th, 2022

Conversations with Classic Boats is a podcast about classic boat designs and the stories behind them. Hosted by Tom Darling, his latest offering is a two-part series about boating on Barnegat Bay featuring Gary Jobson. Here’s a tease from Darling:

In Part 1, we go down south to the Jersey Shore, where watermen have plied Barnegat Bay since the European-invasion of the 16th Century. These episodes show an all-star cast of the boats that Tom fell in love with: The E Boat or E Scow, A Cat, Sneakbox, and the Duckboat.

In Part 2, Barnegat Bay and the sailing haven of Mantoloking are our sites for exploring the home-grown Bay classes, Sneakboxes and Duckboats, timeless designs from the 19th century brought forward to the modern running of the Duckboat World Championships.

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