HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT – Episode 48 – Sailing Yacht Zora

In this weeks episode, we work our way back to Kinsale in dense fog.

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Who are We?
We are Rhys (Skipper) & Niamh (First Mate) and we are on a mission to sail around the world, and share it through video, writing and photos.

Where are we?
We currently live in Kinsale on the River Bandon estuary, which is a small fishing village on the south coast of Ireland.

What’s the plan?
We are aiming to be on our way in 2021. There is a huge amount of work to do before we get there, but we are determined.


The Sailing Yacht Zora is a 38 foot steel blue water cruiser that was burnt and abandoned in the south of Ireland 20 years ago. She was designed and built by the legendary Dick Koopmans of Holland, and carries a serious pedigree as a capable and safe deep ocean adventure vessel.

Join us a we breath new life into this legendary cruiser and take her where she was meant to be, out in the big blue oceans of this beautiful planet we call home

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