We Crashed A Luxury Super Yacht (Captain's Vlog 95)

It was a sad ending to a great day on the water. We came into Porto Rotondo (Sardinia), everything was going according to plan, half way through the docking process 2 of our fenders got caught on the groundling to the vessel on our starboard side creating huge tension on the lines causing the two vessels to collide. The damage to the two yachts was only superficial and very repairable. The noise and commotion was worse than the actual damage caused, especially after some light polishing. In the winter we will need to tent the damaged area, sand, filler, prima, vase coat and clear coats.

We got very lucking that everyone was ok because the lines came very close to snapping causing a potential snap back and seriously injuring a member of crew.

Please note that the actual collision was not caught on camera as I was filming on the port side bridge wing with the go pro and the incident happened on the starboard side.

I give a full debrief of exactly what happened and what we all learnt from this.

As a lot of you know, we spent 7 months over the winter 2018/19 respraying a refiting the yacht, so you can imagine how we all feel seeing this damage.

The owner of the super yacht has been very supportive and we continue as usual, constantly improving ourselves.

Enjoy the Video.

Captain Tristan Mortlock is an award winning Super Yacht Captain with over 15 years experience. He started his yachting career in his teens and now runs one of the most successful charter yachts in the world. Tristan is currently serving on Motor Yacht AWOL, a San Lorenzo SD122, built in 2009. AWOL is a multi award winning yacht and her crew take a lot of pride in their work.

Captain’s Vlog is about educating interested parties on what happens onboard a Mega Yacht, Super Yacht and the yachting industry. To share the life of yacht crew and life at sea. The BIG shipyard refits, paint jobs and marine engineering works. To travel some of the worlds most beautiful destinations.

The first owner of the Super Yacht AWOL was non other than Mr Piero Ferrari himself. The wheel house still contains the original Captain’s chair with the Ferrari emblem.


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