Mercury Marine Debuts its Biggest Outboard: the 600-hp V12 Verado

Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Falvey, and BoatingLab Director, Randy Vance, enjoyed pre-introduction sea-trial time running Mercury Marine’s new 600-hp, V12-Verado outboard aboard a test fleet of six different boats at Mercury’s fabled Lake X test center. These ranged from a 40 foot bowrider to a 46 foot center console to a 50 foot cruiser. Based on that on -water experience, we believe this new Mercury engine will change the landscape of large outboard boats. With dual contra-rotating propellers, a steerable gearcase, a two-speed transmission, 7.6 liters of displacement and 12 cylinders it arranged vertically, the V12 -600 provides thrilling performance with smoother and quieter operation than any other large outboard engine we’ve run. From the helm, running both dockside and on open water, the V12 -600 delivers a feeling of authority that is not matched by any other outboard we’ve tested. This is just a preview, created immediately following trials. Look for more complete coverage to come at


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