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Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer “Ata Marie”

N56MS “Ata Marie” is for sale. For extra facts remember to go to:


  1. love it.

  2. my observations are the motorsailers, or sailing trawlers , would be of good demand, trawlers that sail , saving fuel while underway at reasonable speeds. ???? I would own one and cruise the globe if given half a chance.

  3. While Nordhavn still shows the 56MS as being in production, Hull #9 (no owner), appears the last boat ever built in 2011! So everybody is asking the same question – why doesn't (or didn't), it sell in greater numbers?

    If you review the video that the current and original owner of this boat, Tokkie Elliott made with Nordhavn there maybe glimpses. While he does generally like the boat he says things like 'it's power hungry' perhaps alluding to fact that you cannot enjoy this boat as a pure sailing vessel having to frequently run gensets to power the electro-hydraulics necessary for steering/winches etc.

    Nordhavn's are extremely well-built ocean going vessels and as a consequence ain't cheap at all! Perhaps then the generally older, wealthier clientele they attract really don't want the hassle of rigging sails or being challenged for interior space in such a 'compromised' vessel. In other words – they really want max comfort and room to move and will just burn the extra gallons of diesel in their traditional trawler and enjoy.

    So he has not owned Ata Marie for that long really and now he is selling?

  4. Really nice video Doug. And while I have some time (too much time) before I can think of getting one, your Motorsailers are growing on me. What are the downsides of a MS from a MY?


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