Sailing Yacht

forty two m Sailing Yacht GWEILO

This sailing yacht Gweilo is forty two meter or 137ft.
Mengi Yay Yachting is a single of the most prolonged-set up Yachting businesses in Turkey
with its knowledge coming from 1964 to currently.
Our company was set up by Ramazan Mengi in Ayvansaray as a smaller workshop.
Just after Muzaffer Yay turned husband or wife with Ramazan Mengi in 1985 and they mixed their surnames,
Mengi Yachting name was set up.

The journey, began in Ayvansaray with three meters of boat development, was ongoing by becoming moved
to Nuh Industrial Web page Cooperative set up in Tuzla in 1984. The company began to build steel boat
development in 2006 and at present, it would make mega yacht development at its shipyard.
Our accomplishment was confirmed in 2011 and 2012 decades with the Yacht and Boat Design award
of Gold Anchor Maritime Achievements Awards and İstanbul Exporters’ Union (İEU) Turkey 3rd awards.

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