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Towing tank testing of a planing yacht hull at Newcastle College

Pictures and movie of Towing tank resistance testing on a one.8m planing hull. Takes position in the towing tank at Newcastle College. A combination of stills and movie from my testing for my dissertation in Contemporary Prediction Strategies vs Tank testing for a planing hull.


  1. We would like to see your conclusion of the tank test. This boat may be suitable to chase around with moderate side winds using a gennaker. But try to tack such a boat against heavy swell with those tiny ultra long keels.

    The boat wouldn't do it. But this is a problem for the racers . The bad thing is that almost all cruising boats are copies of such terrible behaving racing boats: They have a too broad transoms, needing two rudders (madness), too flat bottom, making live aboard uncomfortable and have those funny torpedo ballast at the end of the fin, good to catch all sort of floating debris.

    My dear friend, unfortunately boat design is running into a dead end. Too many people are frustrated with their newly purchased boats, sold by ruthless marketing people from Bavaria or Beneteau, where the man at the rudder stands exposed at the transom, holding those ridiculous wheels.

  2. Nice job, but I want to know hwow to measure the total resistance Rt=Rv+Rw+Raa. Can you expealin me?? I am working only on numerical methods, I want to learn experiments too, thank you

  3. Lovely model and great video, but I'd like to see some curves of performance super-imposed over the videos.


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