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The Princess 49 is the initial flybridge boat the Plymouth lawn has built with IPS. Has the hold out been really worth it?

Filmed by Richard Langdon:

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  1. I want! Not as expensive as I thought.

  2. $1.3 million U.S.

    £818,000 = $1.05 million U.S.

  3. I really like Jack's presentations but the global review outlines need an upgrade! Have a look at Captain Steve's (BoatTest dot Com) review! Thanks

  4. 👍

  5. I'd love you to include some commentary on the 'chine noise' in the for'ed and the mid cabins. It is no good to drop this kind of money on a boat only to find that you can't sleep on it.. Thx.

  6. Nice boat!

  7. Saw this at the London boat show and it is even better in real life

  8. How much does it cost?

  9. Nice. I wish more of their boats could get the IPS system. It makes no sense to have the old ineffective straight shafts on a new vessel today. Imagine an S70 or S75 with quad IPS1200 setup. Space for a larger tender could be made by moving the two center engines forward and out to the side. Lots of potential.


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