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Hull Washer Boat Lock Cleansing Invention

Innovations Unrestricted offers the astounding Hull Washer Boat Lock!

Do you individual a boat? Do you individual a Major boat? Are you associated in the boating sector? Nicely, the HullWasher Boat Lock cleansing method is for you.

[HullWasher Boat Lock] is developed as a tremendous effective boat hull washing method. The HullWasher allows a boat (yacht) proprietor or boat marina proprietor to wash the below side of boats quickly, properly and efficiently. The boat wash method takes advantage of a usual boat lock set up to park a boat into position. Upcoming, large stabilizing arms position the boat for large hydraulic lifts to guidance the boat. Upcoming, the water is taken off and the boat hull is uncovered for a cleansing crew to cleanse the bottom of the boat. Upcoming, filtered cleanse water fills the lock region once more – and then the hydraulic arms are lowered absent from the boat. Last but not least, the lock gates are opened and the cleanse boat exits the lock.

Invented by Charles Melanson.

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