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SBS – Sailing Booster Procedure – Rapidly Sailing Performance

Sailing experience has been taken to a new dimension – New exciting occasions are shining toward a vibrant horizon

Either maximizing your sailboat effectiveness and performance in a regatta or cruising, you will experience with SBS:

• A reduction in gasoline intake

• Incredible gains in consolation and security

• Decreased draft for a safe mooring

• Bow deck saved dry in all ailments

• Smoothness on board even though anchored

• Safely dry docked

• Quickly cleaning of the wetted surface and eradicating particles

SBS is a full new chapter in sailing experience and a broad horizon for individuals who like the Oceans.

New occasions in the historical past of sailing for a powerfull navigation

Common Inquiries


1. Significantly less Keel Body weight
2. Significantly less wetted surface
3. Significantly less static displacement / significantly fewer dynamics displacement
4. Significantly less rolling when anchored
five. Significantly less provider to clear the Keel
6. Significantly less draft to go any place and moore at any Marina
7. Significantly less gasoline intake even though jogging your motor
eight. Significantly less drifting
9. Significantly less crew member demands
ten. Significantly less rolling when below way sailing
eleven. A lot fewer rolling when jogging your motor, not sailing


1. Additional Speed (sailing or below engines)
2. Additional consolation on the sea (in all ailments)
3. Dry Deck
4. Additional sail place all time
five. Additional top quality, speed of careers and safety even though dry dock decreasing the shafts / hull / rudders for good upkeep
6. Additional top quality of polished submerged surfaces (The SBS is suitable in front of your eyes, higher than the deck)
7. Additional consolation even though anchored
eight. Sailboat looking watch and design with SBS as an illuminated Radar Arch
9. Swimming platforms
ten. Rapidly plastic take out from keel/wings

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  1. I love all the ingenuity put into this, but why not just build something with a larger stability in itself. For instance a catamaran? That would reduce the number of fragile and failure prone components.


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